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About Move Centre Wellington

What moves you?

Let us tell you what moves us! We are moved by everything sports and recreation offers to build healthier, happier communities. Sports isn't just for pros, you see, we're all athletes at heart. Whether it's little league, walking the trails or a family bike ride sports and recreation creates community and offers a healthy lifestyle.


Move CW is a sports and recreation business that offers youth and adult sport leagues as well as personal and small group training. 


We want to help grow the existing activities in CW (basketball!) and introduce new ones that we love (ultimate!).  If you feel like sports are missing from your life, then we can help to get you back in the game.

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Coach James Coaching Youth Basketball

Our Story

Move CW is a sports and fitness company for everyone. Everyone, really. We hope everyone in Centre Wellington finds an activity they love doing and we're here to help make that happen.


In the summer of 2016, James Scott, started Move Training to help train youth athletes in various sports. After 4 summers of successful business, James realized that movement could have far greater implications than just improving sport performance in youth.  Movement, he learnt, has the power to bring people together, foster self-confidence, and improve the health of everyone. 


Fast forward to 2022, James has now rebranded to create Move Centre Wellington.  He has a passion for community and sports, as seen in his commitment to helping with the Centre Wellington Celtics youth basketball organization and the High School Girl's basketball program. Move CW's mission is to build community through movement in order to create a happier and healthier township. We believe in the power of community, we believe that you deserve education on how to move your body safely, and we believe that movement needs to be fun!

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